Bits of papers.

It is cool to write behind papers. …

:hi: :hi: I thought, it would be nice to scribble behind the ‘bits of papers’
I have been doing that now and then.

+ + +

Bits of papers are there. Little thoughts are also there. Time passes away without doing the recording of a ‘master piece’ – behind the bits of papers.

+ + +

Bits of papers and thoughts are thrashed.

+ + +

Not throwing away the bits of papers and holding the thoughts I tried to make a horde.

+ + +

The bouquet was made up of 1) Entry ticket to Nrupadunga Betta. 2) Bike parking ticket given at Apsara Theatre. 3) Fashion Forum Bill when we purchased gifts to my sister’s family who visited us on November one. 4) Ice Land Hotel party bill – when I gave party to my colleagues on 6/11. 5) Ahmadabad cloth store bill where we purchased saris for my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law. 6) The Petrol card bill. 7) The pai resorts bill where my wife and me enjoyed a lunch during the bike trip toBelgaum on 7/11

+ + +

Ah, seven bits of papers.:wait:

+ + +

Although I had several ideas and thoughts to be written behind them, I could succeed::hat:

6) Petrol card bill: I wrote how I spent the month of October at office in Tamil.

3) Fashion Forum bill: Used the spaces behind to write the grocery list which we bought during the guests visit, also summed up the expenditure on that occasion.

2) Behind the ‘bike parking ticket’ I noted to search ‘chocolate hills’

1) On the reverse of Nrupadunga Hills entry ticket I scribbled some good thoughts I read in the Kannada Magazine Kasturi.


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