after all these mad scribblings are about good bad and searches!

I love Mallus for their simplicity and for leading a practical life with timely humour.
Who are Mallus?
Answer please see the connected blog:
Let me connect the blog: Hungry Mallus

As a twitter fan I try to read,see and converse about twitter whenever I can.
So, some months back CBN-IBN aired a program on twitter, apart from learning about spreadsheets and some doyens in the twitterdom, I tweeted proudly that I watched the program.

There, as a reply to this I met a tweep: @ameenmaj.
This friend likes to talk and always has a say whenever a tweet a tweet to him.
I shared a tweet with him when I was obsessed with getting a reply from @SrBachchan, lucky he was and as I tweeted with @ameemaj….@SrBachchan replied… one question.

@Ameenmaj likes to sing and got a good voice too. He shared with me a Tamil song. He shared the video clipping at you tube.

He has good comments on the soccer and I am thinking of taking his tips to predict the team that will enter the quarter finals of world cup soccer 2010. (good thought….)

Here is a sample of his favorite tweet:

Cc @diogeneb RT @ksekher: @ameenmaj 10 Ways to Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Online for Free! #worldcup

Here is a good tweet from his latest time line.

IS #Raavanan also a flop?

Here are two good pictures from his image collection. (twitpic)

Pink Hummer!!!!! #EPICFail on Twitpic

Red Hammer

Here @ameenmaj sings the Tamil song!
@ameenmaj I am glad to have you as a twitter friend.


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