Reading quotations for motivation. Good or Bad?

Reading too many quotations sometimes is like over eating.

The mind becomes unclear and wanders restless…(sometimes becoming very blank)

It is the stage when I feel: ‘reading quotations is useless’

Some time ago I made an attempt to have just four quotations ready – just like some instant energy giver – to motivate me any time.

Searching quotations, with the aim to short list for instant energy giving – the mind was blocked – making myself to quote: “reading quotations is of no benefit”

At this stage I thought, let me have one quotation – just one – to motivate me any time…….

I got this one:

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

(This one is from twitter and can attribute the credit to and

At this stage, I get an idea why not make some subsidiary quotations to build up this primary one?

Bad…getting stuck up.

Friends…if you happen to read this why don’t you give me some simple quotations to make something serious about this quote?


3 thoughts on “Reading quotations for motivation. Good or Bad?

  1. if we all stopped reading quotes and started making them a reality life would be better! more over, people dont say quotes because they want to! some men made a difference so whatever they said became an inspiration.

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