“Suspicious” Quotation Marks: Funny? Mostly! (via Away with Words)

This was very much interesting. I liked this comment too:
“I” went to the store.
I “went” to the store.
I went “to” the store.
I went to “the” store.
I went to the “store”.

All totally different.

"Suspicious" Quotation Marks: Funny? Mostly! I've never really told anyone this, but I'm kind of a jerk when it comes to grammar and punctuation.  I usually don't correct grammatical mistakes, I try not to be too critical of people who say "yous" instead of  "you," and I don't walk around with a Sharpie correcting improperly placed apostrophes (even though I want to).  Sometimes these mistakes bother me, and sometimes they just make me laugh. Take suspicious quotation marks, I don't know wh … Read More

via Away with Words

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