50 days of 2011

This is an attempt to bring the memories of the first 50 days of 2011. …

:yikes: What shall I do?:cry:

Just wanted to watch the past 50 days with the help of mygamma.
Jan 1 800pm
We had cucumber sambar and potato curry on this first day of MMXI.
Question of the day:
what things I read today?

Jan 2 1032pm
Read little bit of books and budget, workshop accounts, official language…. How will the Monday be?
Jan 6 841pm
Monday was Manchurian day. How will Friday be?
Jan 8 619pm
Friday – tried to do some good things at office. TUESDAY will continue that.
Jan 13 131am
So three days, this week. The office table, still have some lousy papers.
Jan 17 826pm
the holidays were lovely. Made an entry at buzz net journal. Working days have begun. Am I doing something active?
Jan 22 121am
I think, i was active during the working days. Now, how will I write the exam on Monday?
Jan 26 137pm
The exam went well. A little more effort, could have written the exam better.
Jan 28 1059pm
Well, not a bright week at the office. The holiday was good and I could see the movie peepli live
Jan 31 110pm
The trip to Dharmasthala and Udupi using the KRCL was lovely. Son's tonsure. Good tweets were made
Feb 5 321pm
😆 have come here, as promised on Saturday. The week at the office was bright, and I could get a fine feeling of having done something worthwhile. Tuesday evening, I'll be here, to tell you about my Bangalore trip. Made a blog at LJ…about the Dharmasthala trip.
Feb 8 1032pm
The Sunday and Monday, travel by train and visiting relatives was fabulous. Will come here on Saturday, to tell about the working days. Have gathered the tweets of Sun & Mon, at ever note
Feb 12 409pm
have come here on Saturday afternoon. using android for composing. the working week did not give me a fine feeling. shall come on monday. should record fine feelings about holidays.
Feb 14 804pm
So, the week end was good. Relaxed. one tv program. I relished very much in aastha channel. it is about happiness. Wednesday shall come to say something about working days Monday and Tuesday.

Feb 16 840am
Sometimes, have to wade through restless mood. Starting a thing takes hell a lot of effort. Now trying to write the electrical allocation thing proposal. Next I want to try that completion report. meantime kamalesh told me. to attend the estimate. the three things were completed and put up to AFA. Not so fine, yet not bad were the two working days Monday and Tuesday at the office. shall come on Thursday to say something about today – a holiday.
Feb 17 955pm
son's birthday eve. Movie with him and dinner at kamath were the pleasantries of the day. Cool. Shall come back on Saturday to record how the working days went on Thursday and Friday.
Feb 19 136pm
*good feel* did the completion report letter. Thx. Partha Next > Fm? That is how the week ended, I hope I'll do it well. will come back here when I finish that job.


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