Five items to inspire.

1) Would like to compose a magazine in my blog here consisting of five
items. The items should inspire and should be composed *as clorful as
2)The periodicity of the magazine : As and when I get good amount of time.
(Definitely not more than one magazine perday!!)
3)The contents of the magazine would be my picks from the world wide web –
of course the places I visit often. The list of places I visit is quite a
long one. Should make an attempt to list them out in the magazine one day.
4)Picture with this issue. Made a doodle in my office computer. (One
picture or video would be fantastic)

5) The last item would be a plan. It should say somethng about what I'll say in my next magazine. So I'll say something about *Live journal* in my
next issue.

cgbalu from Hubbali


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