Letter to Jan from Babu

Dear Jan,

Nice to receive a letter from you.

This is a nice Sunday evening that I’m compiling a letter to you.

It would be nice to compile blog posts in letter form.

In your next letter prompt me with a nice subject line.



From: cgbalu@ymail.com
Sent:Sat, 01 Dec 2012 22:26:56 +0530
To: babujan@posterous.com
Cc: cgbalu@rediffmail.com
Subject: Letters.
Dear Babu,

> From a very long time I had a wish of writing letters to myself. That will be done here at posterous spaces.

> Arrangements are made to write letters through three e mail sources.

> Yahoo, rediffmail and outlook are the sources.

> One letter will be written to Babu from Jan.

> Jan will reply to me.

> I think this will be interesting blog posts.

> With love,

> Jan.


> — Sent with Samsung Social Hub Premium – the new generation of mobile messaging

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