Letter to Jan from Babu

Babu, I received your letter.
It is Tuesday evening now and two working days gone in this week.
In this ocean of internet suggesting a subject for you is both easy and difficult.
Difficult when I go on thinking about a subject.
Easy to tell when whatever silly things come to mind.
Better I choose the Easy thing.
Why don’t you write some thing on the subject ‘silly’ soon?
Hope to see you soon with a ‘silly’ post
One small link with this letter for your enjoyment.
Hope you like it.
With lots and lots of love.

Re: Letter to Jan from Babu

Dear Jan,Nice to receive a letter from you.

This is a nice Sunday evening that I’m compiling a letter to you.

It would be nice to compile blog posts in letter form.

In your next letter prompt me with a nice subject line.




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