Dear Jan,
It is irksome (or fun), when I start composing a letter – phone call comes, boss asks me something, you send a message……
Anyway happy 2013 to you.
Let me go to useless site straight away.
You slap me like this… (some times) eel slap.
Did you enjoy?
A picture pic for you from Imgur.
A tiny herd of owls.
Nice it is know?
We will make this ‘correspondence’ between babu and jan as public share on Facebook?
Some more people may read these interesting letters between you and me?*;) winking
In your reply letter you will go to image shack right?
Hoping to get a nice pic pick from you.
And when I think that the letter is finished…No one asks me anything…why this? *>:) devil
I got a new diary for the year 2013!
A quote copied from that diary:
 “We shall never get people whose time is money, to take much interest in atoms”

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