About Train journey blog.

Dear Jan,
It took so long to reply to your letter which is I think received nearly more than 14 days ago.
Of course quite busy visiting daughter and attending a wedding at Hyderabad and assisting boss in Surprise night inspection of Railway station.
Long ago I was writing something at ‘yahoo geocities’ about my train journeys. Then when yahoo geocities closed, I had the copy of the journey entries in a blog at ‘ibibo’. That journey blog also vanished as ibibo blogging services are stopped. The writings were not of that standard, yet I feel I have lost some good writings. Ha ha ha.
I’ve in one of my blog a chart showing the journeys – in fact an excel sheet. One of these days I’ve to check that out and start again a journey blog. This year I shall try to.
Very nice about bifurcating the photo spots we visit on the net between you and me. We will follow the bifurcation jollily and post lovely images here.
Quickly here an image from imgfave
mitchkraft: catarinaregina: by Colorflystudio picture on VisualizeUs on we heart it / visual bookmark #7166898

And here is an useless-site for you.
Bury me with my money (just for fun….you can keep the money…bury me only)
What will you have for me in your next letter?
An image from flckr and an useless site?

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