Random colour

Dear Jan,
It is more than a month, since we continued with our letter correspondence. “Posterous” developing this idea of blogging to us is going to vanish from Apr’30 onward. Good that I’ve brought our correspondence to the “word press” blog.
We shall continue this writing exercise in ‘word press’ blog.
This correspondence will now appear in “Want to share special” area of the word press blog. We shall continue our mission of listing useless sites, picture picks and whatever we discover new on the web.
This will be the first letter in the new area.*:) happy
You said that from this “Valentine day” onward we will work to make the letter correspondence interesting.
We’ll make it. We’ll open a separate blog for picture picks too at the word press!
Here an interesting picture from Picasso:

Image credit from google+

Actually I used jolidrive to view piccasa. I have with me now my googledrive, flickr, skydrive, dropbox, tumblr, google+, picassa in my jolidrive.

To end this letter an useless-site for you.
This one is random color. When I clicked it was green in color. What was the color when you clicked?

Expecting your two special letters soon.

I remain,


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