“Moving the work to the next higher level,

seeing the empty chairs at the lower level,

Little bit of reduced work load on the table”

It is time to start a scribble now. What did I write in my last post? What is the subject I am supposed to elaborate now?

“The empty chairs are filled,
But the people are chatting,
They don’t come to work mode,
to my expectations.
Poke them to do the work.

Yes, I was wondering about the methods of writing . For instance, this I write amid-st my office work – on a paper. Like to say good, bad and nonsense about the writing chore. Want to say all the methods of writing – right now! Although things are not coming to the expected level – ‘a try’ – I am definitely giving.

“The poke I gave to my staff,
is working very slowly.
The ‘Advance payment’
has not materialized into payment.
People are poking me over phone…
Have to give them a wry reply”

I’ve taken more than a week to scribble this. When will this be blogged?
The task of one set of advance payment is over. One more bill has come now. he he I’ve poked a man for this….let me see that it is done!

So the work comes. I poke myself. Poke my team.
The work comes. Gets done.
Like wise, let me continue this writing. Poke write. Let me try another piece whilst doing something else.



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