Question and answer

What did I say in my last post?

I said “Let me try another writing whilst doing something else.

What is that I am doing now?

I’m watching Sun TV serial “Karthigaip PENkaL”

How is the state of mind?

What is that come to your mind whilst writing this?

My High School History Teacher “Arul Pillai” used to tell us to write questions in red and answers in blue.

So that’s what I am doing now?


How is the serial Karthigaip PeNkaL?

Good one. Sruthi acting as Charu is doing wonderful acting.

What is the method of posting this?

Using my hot mail ID at

Where is the first draft?

In my diary, where I began my post “Yes what was I talking about…”
What idea came to me when I was writing this?
The idea that came to me when writing this, is that, I should make a “buffer” stock of postings as drafts, so that there will be a good supply of postings, for almost every day.
Will I be able to do it?
Yes I can!



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