Decided to make this letter special letter.

A special letter on the serial ‘Nadhaswaram’

Selvarangam is the Mappillai of Chokkalingam – Mahesh’s Husband.
Mahesh has become mad and is torturing Malar like hell. She voices vile.
Selvarangam has come out of the fear of Mahesh now and has started reprimanding her for the right.
That scene yesterday where Selvarangam speaks to the ever good hero Gopi in a hurtful way and Mahesh showing her shock over that and later Selvarangam telling his Machan Gopi that he has started treatment to cure the madness of his wife Mahesh was touching.

For a quick information about the serial Nadhaswaram I link a wiki page to you.
The story line will keep on changing. If you read the story about Mahesh in the site, her earlier problem is vanished and now she herself is a problem

I shall give a picture from Imageshack
This I got from the link http://imageshack.us/f/9/10000000000003e8000002b.jpg/

And then time to say bye now,

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