16 and 32. Two times the regular date.

Dearest Babu,Took quite some time to reply to your letter of 2nd.
Life has been busy, son has gone to Bengaluru in search of a job.
We will wish him that he gets a good one at Bengaluru itself.
Nice that you have listed all the useless sites and we are rich with 20+ useless sites.
And lo’ the licking dog was so cute
The other day you told me that there is a site which says “what to do now?” we shall try to visit that site and pick up something for our letter correspondence.
Today is 16th July and you know what is the Tamil date? ‘
ஆனி 32.
16 and 32. Two times the regular date.
I have the calendar date for you.

Then I have the image from imgur

Have no time to give you a useless site now.
Please start your next letter with useless site and the “what to do now” site I have mentioned now.
Hope you do it.

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