The last post “Change in life/places” triggers in me endless stuff to think and to write.

Each and every change in life will give me something to write.
Why not write something about Huuballi and Bengaluru?

When at Bengaluru during my younger days, I thought the ‘world’ was Bengaluru and Bengaluru is the greatest place!

Coming down to Hubbali in the year 1986 – to be precise end of 1985 (December) – I never thought I would stay here for long.

I thought I would return back to Bengaluru soon.

During those times it Bangalore and Hubli and the names got Changed afterwards.

After coming to Huuballi I got a chance to visit Secunderabad. That made a change in my perception. Seeing the vast Hyderabad-Secunderabad city I came to know that there are bigger cities in India and my Bengaluru was just a small piece!

Then the love towards twin cities of Huuballi- Dharwad grew. The first 26 years of life grew seeing growing Bengaluru and now the next 28 years grew seeing Hubbali grow and staying at Hubbali and watching Bengaluru grow.


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