I’ve a new boss now.

Dear Jan, The 'special letter' was good.
You've become a specialist in special letters. 
It is quite some time, we discussed "Nathaswaram".
Let me blabber something now: 
|Prakas's parents come to know that Prakas is the long 
lost son of Chokkalingam. 
They want to stop the marriage with 'Maha'. 
Now drinking Ramesh is missing. 
Tell me when Ramesh's whereabouts are known.
The useless site listing is going on.
Here is one.
I've a new boss now. 
A young man. Let me see how good I work with him. 
Always wish to work well with people. 
Here is a photo pick for you with this letter.


Well, When I click Picasso, it goes to my Google+ pictures. 
Can I go to piccasso alone? 
I have to check. 
As you did in your letter last time, I shall post this picture at the blog picture picks too. 
Let's make our correspondence more fun and purposeful. 
Somehow I made this letter on this last day of July. 
Bye for now.

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