picking the moments from our life and inserting internet goodies

Dear Babu,

Lovely to read your letter.
Liked your uselesssite link. The toad.

Yes, the Thirumurugan serials are entertaining.
It would be good to watch the “Thennilavu” serial on HD TV.
Don’t know when we will buy one HD TV!!
Let’s add “buying HD TV” to our ‘wishlist’

it will be a good pass time to collect images and keep them in stock.

When we write these letters we can quickly pick up one image to enclose with the letter.
We will have more time to compose letter, instead of searching for images.


This is the last day in the month of August 13.
Our achievement in the month of August is 5 letters.
And you know, I have written 3 letters.
Beginning of the month i.e 1st August, I have a letter written to you and now at the end of the month (31 Aug), I am writing a letter to you.

Ha ha I have written more letters to you this month.

Love write more, picking the moments from our life and inserting internet goodies.
Love to share the facilities available on the net mixing them in a letter form.
Perhaps we may share all our five letters in the month of August through twitter and Facebook using buffer to the world.
We may also learn new words in English and use them in our letters.

This time I am going to ‘flickr’.
Your twitter timeline friend @Chemengineer has some beautiful pictures covering Mysore and Jog falls.
I shall try to build a stock in our ‘image-picks’

coffee for you
So long


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