Sometimes I really want to write a long letter.

Dear Babu,

This letter is from Hyderabad.
Spending nice time with Daughter.
I have given you an opportunity to renew your so called skills in culinary activities.
Very nice that you organize your work with ample time for yourselves.
But I feel time for ourselves should be limited.

The blooming rose and the pick from useless site, “The alarm glass” were fantastic.

Sometimes I really want to write a long letter.
And whenever I want to write a long letter, words don’t flow.
Cannot find an interesting subject.
(It happens…ha ha ha)

On the mission of picking up images,
the last few days I tried to have some images at our exclusive site for images.
I made a couple of scheduled posts.
We can now use that method to post images.

This time had been to imageshack and picked a few images.
Here is a dancing picture for you.

This image I got from opendiary










Write something about your cooking experience.
Tell me what you are doing.

Go to my facebook, like my posts.
Tell me your comments on my postings.

Let me see a letter from you soon.

With lots of love.


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