So many things are happening in the universe.
(A search using key words “universe” “NASA” may lead to know about the happenings, a little)
Things are happening in the word, nation, my city.
Newspapers, Television and internet try to thrust the happenings, bombarding with information.
Events – sense and nonsense are happening without break to my friends,  my family and to my boss.
Whether I like or not, time is filled with happenings at every moment of life. (Like the compilation of this – which I like)
Somethings I don’t like. But the happenings ‘like’ to happen whether I like  them or not, at their own consistent fashion.
Happenings conflict when there is not a right ‘mix’ of the happenings happening in the Universe, world, Nation, my city, my family, my community and my boss.
The conflict is, happenings interpolate in their desired fashion. When ‘my happenings’ don’t sync with the happening called ‘my desired happening’ a great happening happens: “rage, frustration”
Hurrah, rage and frustration are also happenings like joy and bliss.
Take the bliss. Take the frustration.
Happenings please happen.

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