When I came across WordPress for the first time

As a tellurian accept the Limitations.

This day I tried some customization in the blog: “want to share”. The blog name color is changed. Some fonts I have changed.

Actually there is a word press programme, which I can have in my computer and can do umpteen varieties of blogging.

They say tables, sql, plugins…so many things.

When I came across WordPress for the first time, I wanted to do something which could be built in from my computer.

At work I learnt the basics of MySQL and right now work using the interface of a programme based on tables. (Oracle)

My mind has limited capacity, the table sequences don’t get embedded so easily there. Youngsters go back end and rectify the tables.

Even in excel I cannot go and work with formulas beyond ‘F’ row.

Limitations…ha ha.

So I am satisfied with a web interface and blog at WordPress.com.


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