Enjoy the chit chat

Wife takes me to mutt.
The day being Sunday and dwadasi. Dwadasi is the twelth day after the full/new moon.
The previous day was ekadasi. (The 11th day after full moon/newmoon ) The ekadasi was a special one. Vaikunta ekadasi. Special day of the diety who resides in ‘Vaikuntam’
Ekadasis one should fast and dwadasi one should take early meal. That is the system.
It so happened that we observed Ekadasi and Dwadasi which came on a week end.
Ok. I went to mutt with her to have early meal.
She was with me. So far okay.
There at mutt appeared a friend of her. An Old beautiful lady.
Ah they began expressing their thoughts.
Oh, how well they express their thoughts! How beautifully they share their respective life’s moments. The lady has something to say…immediately my wife has more things to say. My wife has more things to share by way of her cell phone images too.
I enjoy their chit chat with envy!!

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