one day tweets.

Dear Babu,

So long……. I could not write a letter to you.
2014 has begun and we are almost at the end of the first month.
Quickly I shall review your one day tweets.
If you you want, in your letter next review my face book account.
Let us try to write short things at least but let the letter correspondence be frequent.

I choose the day 29th January. You have 13 tweets that day.

1)Nice you greet the time line wonderfully. Being silly is the best thing in life.

2) Queing up things in tumblr and publishing the link is a nice thing. I liked this flower picture
     very much.

3)Tweeted times is a nice news paper compilation.

4)There after three tweets for the day, you have talked some silly things to @happyism.
 I  think after three automated tweets, you have done this manually.

5)Nice, very nice. Your attempt to write daily at word press is nice. Wish you all the best to 
   read, comment and write.

6) I think, cgbalu Daily is better than Tweetedtimes.

7)I know with this horoscope for ‘Taurus’ you attempt to relate things in real life.

8)Operation safe is good. We know how our fellow beings in the world suffer.

9) This amphibian pictrue found at ‘yes mails’ is superb.

10)What a fantastic Picture, this Mandarin duck. you have used Joli-cloud and G+

11)The tableau of West Bengal in the Republic day is fantastic.

12)This Chai photos from flickr blog is superb.

13) It is very nice to say good night with the tumblr short things.

Lovely. It is interesting to go through your twitter time line.
I enjoyed it.
Hope to make another blog like this one day.

Reply soon.



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