At hoot-suite now ^cg

At hoot-suite now ^cg
A nice Saturday.
Good that I got up early today.
What is this I am exactly doing here?
I come to word press everyday posting some words through various means.
This is a little more than a diary.
More than a diary so that anyone can read or at least I can read!!!
As far as possible I try to give shape to thoughts only, making little research.
I try to post only words and I have allowed myself to post screen shots whenever possible.
I can just record to day that I have completed one cycle of the ways I have designed myself coming here through various methods.

The methods are:

  8. Wp interface top
  9. wp interface side
  10. quick post
  11. hoot suite.
  12. from my tab
  13. from my twitter

No…..I have not come to word press through ‘my tab’ in this cycle.
Shall come on Monday. Tomorrow and the day after it will be through my yahoo mail.


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