Lament, laugh lampoon or lambaste

Big things in life go without much of botheration. Small things bother. At the same time small things give big joys.
The small thing of sprouting of ads due to some extension in my chrome browser or some due to some programme I have downloaded bother me. Why the image I attached with yesterdays post is not visible in my wordpress entry irks me.
I smile when I write an expression here and when published the image appears in my entry. EmojiSome word decorations while I read gives me joy.
Like this: Whether to Lament, laugh lampoon or lambaste with these small things.
I can laugh when I use all my three e mails available at
I can lament when my image is not visible in the entry.
Lampoon and lambaste if I can do I can be something more than me.
(lament) An expression of grief, suffering, or sadness.A song expressing grief.
(lampoon) A written attack ridiculing a person, group, or institution.A light, good-humored satire.
(lambaste) sense to give a thrashing to beat, hit, thrash
sense to scold or verbally reprimand berate, scold, tell off
(laugh) sense expression of mirth cackle, chortle, chuckle, giggle, guffaw, snicker, snigger, titter, cachinnation
sense something that provokes mirth or scorn joke, laughing stock



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