Book reading

The renewed book reading started two to three weeks ago is not progressing so fast. Let it be. Let me read the book slowly and relish well.
The book on hand is the life history of a Vaishnavite sage written by “Vaali” in verse form.
The narration is very candid.
The first chapter is “kappu” In my perception the chapter is an initiation.
The word “Kappu” in Tamil,can be translated as “guard” in English. The author seeks the blessings of “aiagreeva” (God of learning Vaishnavites follow.) Vali prays God to give him energy and to be with him to write only sensible stuff.
The next chapter is “killing ego” Author pleads not to allow to boast about himself.
He devotes this chapter in killing his ‘pride”. He says “The blades of grass cannot be compared to the sharpness of the blade of a knife”
The verses go ahead with chapters devoted to great sages of Vaishnava community. one Chapter for Nammazvaar, Ramanujar and Vedanta Desigar.
I have almost come to reading of the life history of “Azhagiya Singar” (45th order)



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