Finished reading a book.

To Hug from the heart: Author Hugs Krishnamachar or the 45 th Guru ‘Azhagiya singer’ after telling us about the great Vaishnavite sages in fantastic verses.
He describes the Guru’s birth place ‘Villivakkam’ in the next chapter. He has chapters for Guru’s father, ‘Vidwan Narasimhachar,’ mother, ‘Ranganayaki’ and his wife ‘Komalavalli’.
Krinamachari learns Sanskrit and Tamil. Ki.Vaa.Jaa. is his Tamil Guru.
He takes up sagehood after 40 years of married life.
Author concludes the book with praises to the Guru. He tells that one need not go to God. It is sufficient to get hold of the Guru.
Lovely verses, in different forms. To be precise three forms including modern verses with good alliterations.
I enjoyed and finished the book this week end.
I have taken up another book by the same author: “Pandavar Bhoomi” This book is Mahabharata stories in verse form.
Hope to finish reading this book faster that “Azhagiya Singer 45 pattam”


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