Live blog

Managed to come in front of tv to watch the direct telecast of Nadhaswarm serial.
Wrting things as they happen.
Will hit the send button, when the ‘live’ telecast ends.
Chokkalingam says that they are at a place called ‘Pallaththur’ near Karaikudi.
The ads that appear inbetween appear now itself. The less than 20 minutes episode is just starting. 1000th episode.
(Later Thirmurugan say it is a 23 minute episode)
Rajesh helped by Josiyan…
Why that ‘live’ logo is not there?
Voice not that good. Dubbing is not there.
Ragini alone.
Oh…not Rajesh…Gukan.
That forgotten Maha’s brother comes with his parents…He has become an Akori.
Rajesh enters in the gap….
Kamu enters…
How is the Back ground music arranged?
Subramani enters…he he.
Gopi, Malar Kaja arrive. Mahesh too…
Encounter of Gopi and Sub…Subhu thrown out.
Now Rajesh and Ragini.
Knock knock….Sokku and Mayil arrive.
Rajesh gets hold of Ragini..
Ties her.
Inspite of all coming…Rajesh succeeds.
Rajesh hits Mayil hard. Threatens Ragini to hang herself.
Chokku comes…Encounter of Chokku and Rajesh.
Power off.
Power on….
Gopi comes…
Rajesh knifed by Mayil.
Good work Thirumurugan

And that was nice……Thirumurugan acknowledging his cameraman.


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