Exactly, what do I do here?

That was nice writing about Nadhaswaram for the past few days. Now the story takes another turn as the knifed Rajesh runs out.
Gopi and Mayil go to Police station. Okay….let me come to Nadhaswaram after some time.
Yesterday and today I could come to WordPress directly to compose my blog entry.
I could stick my posts about my reading a book posts together. It will be there in the site for some time. Please read the three sticky posts.
One thing I observed is that when I make a ‘New post’ using the link on top, the entries are not shared in my social sites.
Let me check with this entry too.

What do I do here?
Brands have blogs. They tell about their brands. Creative people and writers tell about their work in their blogs.
Blogs like ‘Life-hacker” “Dumb little man” , tell us methods to live and tips to do things.

Whether happily or unhappily people tell us about ‘how to be happy’

People have purpose and method in maintaining blogs. 

I have the madness to blog. As an ordinary family man, doing a small assignment in a great organisation why this desire for me to write? To publish a blog?
I do have this extra passion to write my diary. I write diary whenever I  am free and when the itch to write cannot be controlled.

Why should I feel hard on me, if I try to write something more than a diary?
This is an attempt to share my little likes in my world, to the world there.Image 








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