The Open Diary entries I don’t have.

Self talk: ” Oh, Sunday was so Busy….I could come here only in the evening to write a post.

I am here at the WordPress, for quite some time. Earlier also I had blog in Tamil and English here.
Did something. Deleted that Something and I am continuing now, with an aim of posting one entry per day.

The beauty is, I was trying to write in other platforms too. 
The ‘Open Diary’ was the basic and learning platform. I was there in two stints and it was social more than the Facebook Twitter and I learnt a lot to write. “A diary can be creative and social”  This is what open diary taught me. I still made an account at Open diary and wanted to write on Tuesdays. Somehow I deleted the two stints at open diary and have a small regret for leaving the friends there. I have an XML file of my entries there during the second innings and I want to convert them and post some interesting things I did there. In a Bulk I cannot convert those files. One by one I can do that. Let’s us see how I do it.

Oh oh….What I wanted to say in this entry is that , I have transferred my works at blogger, posterous, windows blog and opera blog here and have the records of those entries in the word press. The Open diary entries I miss……

Shall have some work to convert the XML file.

Any one can help me to convert all the 340+ entries of my Open diary into word format in bulk?


At the end of the posting also I can have a self talk.
Hey, I posted an entry today.
I used WP New Post at the top of the page to write this entry.


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