Printing task

Oh….got time to blog now (self talk).

I was blaming the printer, for printing an A4 print and ejecting an empty paper with the printed paper. Sometimes three or four papers.
“Damn it! Faulty machine, if I order you to print one print, you eject so many empty papers”
“Lousy machine, you think that I will be happy by printing one letter and giving me three pages free? Print one, take three pages free?”
Poor fellow was taking all my curses stoically.

While printing an A4 document from ‘word’ when the print command is given, the message box says select “current” or “all”
I used to store only one document in a folder for one letter. I thought by doing so, I can print the specific page without selecting “current” I was doing my printing job all the time cursing my printer for his misbehaviors.


A colleague came to my place, one day and saw the empty pages coming out of the printer. He said, that I can have print of one page copy only if I tick the box “current”. I need not have only one page in my document but can have any number of pages , The printer will print only the page which I select and will not eject empty papers.

“Thank you friend for the lesson”

“Sorry my dear Printer, I was cursing you all the time for the mistake of wrong selection of command during my printing task.”

The Ricoh  printer went on doing his assigned job with his usual printing laughter.


(Self talk) Today also I gave a print for one page in a continuous document and lo….did the mistake of not selecting the current.


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