Right now

Another 3 hours for this day to end….before that one entry in my ‘want to share’ for the day (self talk)

While travelling in the Train,  I make several notes of the ideas that come. I feel certain ideas can be blogged. I make note of them in bits of paper, in my cell phone and in my mind.
Ideas sub lets sub ideas..
1,2,3…..the ideas reach great numbers.
Some times I want to make some research. Want to check the meanings of the word I intend to use.
Look out time to write elaborating the ideas.
I have many things to write on Alliteration.
I want to write about ‘broccoli’
I want to write about ‘Girmit’
This goes on…….
I should find an apt times to write the stuff I wanted to write.
OH so much thought about blogging….
With so many anticipations I roam about, do my daily chores…..
Life goes, goes….sometimes I forget my ideas.
Right now, these are not my problems….
Right now I want a computer or cellphone or pad….to go to WordPress.

Philal mein phass gayan hoon….give me the computer and time now, I will somehow overcome the confusion over the ideas I have regarding blogging.


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