Girmit ^cg

Nice to say about Girmit (self talk)

Wanted to say something about ‘Girmit’  in today’s post.
Searched ‘Girmit’ in Wikipedia.
As such there is no page in Wikipedia exclusively for ‘Girmit’ about which I wanted to say something.
However, out of the several Results for “Girmit” including a FM Radio Station by that name there was one mention of ‘Girmit’ without any hyperlink.
The word ‘Girmit’ lead me to the cuisine of Hubli.
Ah, there, Hubli is the place where I reside and Wikipedia describes the cuisine here.
When I goggled ‘Girmit’ I got blogs, recipe and images of Girmit.
Nice, what more I can say about Girmit?
Girmit’s main ingredient is puffed rice. ‘Churimuri’ we say in our local language. ‘Pori’ we say in my mother tongue.
The ingredient, ‘Churimuri’ as far as possible – retaining its crispness – is mixed well with Tamarind solution, chili, ‘puttani’ powder, using an hollow vessel, stirring – Grrrttttt… Girmit!!
Girmit is served with chopped raw onions and coriander leaves with a stick of fried chili.

Mouth is watering…I need a girmit now


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