He had read about broccoli in English Novels. He had an urge to taste that vegetable.
During his younger days, when the Globe was bigger, broccoli was not available in his country, nor he could know how it looks. He didn’t even know that the vegetable looked like cauliflower.
Very recently – after a lapse of nearly three decades, with the help of  globalization and information sharing technology accompanied by his son’s love he could know more about the vegetable and physically see broccoli and could taste the curry made out of broccoli by his wife.
He could see the picture and information about broccoli in Wikipedia.
Broccoli with a corrugated and pleasing green soft texture, belongs to the species Brassica oleracesa. It is from cabbage family. The origin of this vegetable is Italy.
His son, remembering his father’s talk about broccoli when he was young, bought the vegetable from Mumbai and sent it to the city where his parents reside through his friend.
He was very happy. He was very proud of his son’s love, net working and doing a thing with love and devotion.
He blessed his son that this ‘broccoli love’  principle works in all his endeavors.


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