What one needs? What is the basic thing that should motivate us?We think of several things. We need so many things. If we get them or have them in our life, we take them for granted and crave for a thing which we don’t need at all.
Reading the great epic we see the families of Pandava and Kaurava origins aspire for something and something else happens. Right from Satyavathi’s father aspiring for the kingdom for the sons begotten by Satyavathi. Inspite of Bheeshma’s vow that really does not happen.
What is that real thing we have to strive for?
The 100 tweets of Meghnapant describes the important family incidents in the great epic Mahabharatha.
The Gita sums up the purpose of need. What should we do. It is very simple, as the Lord tells Arjuna nicely brought out in this tweet:
MeghnaPant: Now rise disciple, Krishna says, tread thorny path. Conquer foes, familial duty perform. Go fight, Prince Arjuna, so peace to you may come.



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