Some days ago I shared a post entitled “to Lament, laugh lampoon or lambaste with small things in life” (There are no big things in life right?)
I fell in love with the alliteration,and while looking at the meaning of laugh,I could land up in another alliteration
sense expression of mirth cackle, chortle, chuckle, giggle, guffaw, snicker, snigger, titter, cachinnation (dictionary I used offline dictionary by @antimatter15)
The cacle, chortle chucle created a mirth in me.
cackle The cry of a hen, especially when laying an egg
A laugh resembling the cry of a hen.
chortle A joyful, somewhat muffled laugh, rather like a snorting chuckle.
chuckle.A quiet laugh.
I would like the ccc as often as possible. Do you?
co co co KO…ha ha Emoji
The alliteration of giggle and guffaw and snicker snigger titter also interest me. Mirthfully let me make posts of them later.Emoji



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