100 Tweet Mahabharat
King Shantanu of Hastinapura to beauty Ganga is wed. Why drown our seven children, he asks. In huff, with eighth child Bhishma, she leaves.

Yes, Ganga leaves.

Why did Ganga marry Shantanu?

It so happened that there was a function at Brahmaloka, where Lord Brahma and other devaloka dignitaries were present. Ganga, Vayu and Varuna were also present. Vayu was in a naughty mood. He blew little air. It lifted the midriff cloth of beautiful Ganga revealing the sensuous waist a bit. Varuna looks the waist with lust. Ganga was also happy with the love look of Varuna. Brahma sees this and curses Ganga to be born as a human being and get into wedlock.

Why did Ganga drown the seven children?

Ashtavasus the deva angels mischievously grab the fond holy cow of Vashista. Prabhasan was the main culprit who designed the sieging of the cow. Vashista got angry and cursed the Ashtavasus to be born as human beings. The curse and blessings of God and great sages cannot be taken back. The Ashtavasus plead the sage Vashista to revoke the curse. He considers that and makes a clause that the seven out of the Ashtavasus be born as human beings through Ganga and Shantanu be drowned immediately after they are born. Prabhasan the main vasu who was responsible for the siege of the cow should stay in the world and suffer.

But one thing is certain. Suffering makes one great and Prabhasan faces all the worldly sufferings and becomes great as Bhishma.




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