Vithura story from Mahabharata continues…

Chapter 1

In the epic Mahabharata, characters like Bhisma, Vithura and Karna are of high caliber, yet they did not get a conspicuous position in society. In spite of their prowess in mind and body, they suffered a lot, due to their wrongly placed birth. Their stoic nature and not doing a thing which will jeopardize the general well being of the community, made them very great.

Vithura is the son born to Sage Vyasa and the servant maid of Ambika out of their loving unison. Vithura was great and composed when compared to Thirudhrashtra and Pandu. All the three were sired by the sage Vyasa.

Chapter 2

The king, thinking Mondavia as the leader of the thieves, punishes him ordering to be hanged from a sharp hook till his death. Mondavia being a great Rishi did not die. He was hanging from the sharp clip with great pain and suffering.

The king sees that the Rishi has not died and he could also see a great number of sages who arrived and watching the great Rishi’s sufferning helplessly.

He realizes his mistake and orders to release Mondavia Rishi and prostrates before the Rishi, asking pardon for his mistake.

Mondavia silently walks away….

(Story continues tomorrow)


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