Vithura story continued…

Chapter III

Mondavia Rishi without uttering a word, to the King, straight away goes to Dharmadevetha. He asks Dharmadevetha:
"This is very cruel. Why did you make me suffer? I have not done anything wrong…Dharmadevatha replies:
"Mondavia, this punishment you have just undergone is not for the incident happened now. You are punished, because when you were a child, you have tortured insects and birds."
"Oh Dharmadevetha, this is not fair. The cruelty I have done is at an early age, when I did not know what was right or wrong. Intentionally I have not harmed the living beings" Saying this Mondavia Rishi curses the Dharmadeveta.
"Dharmadeveta, you will be born as human being, for the punishment I got for doing no wrong.


Vithura born from the seeds sown by sage Vyasa into the maid of Ambika. The maid accepts Vyasa, unlike Ambalika and Ambika without any disgust. Vithura is no one but Dharmadevatha herself in human form. Taking all intricacies of life Vithura made the ‘Vithura Neethi’ which is for the guidance for the community.

Dharma will not make noise. Vithura without arguments or unnecessary blabber of the action he takes, helped a lot for the general justice.

Lord Krishna stays at the house of Vithura, when his time to play a key role to establish Dharma in the world arrives for the start of Dharmayudh at Kurukshetra.


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