cut copy paste

One of the lovely pass times at night holding my cellphone device is writing something in the google search box and reading the informations which google gives related to my search words. Though I go for clicking only the first page items which Google gives, that itself is overwhelming and clicking one after the another, the activity steals the sleep to a great extent. Recently my words on the Google search box was: “cut copy paste”
The search has got wikipedia page on “cut copy paste” wikihow page of how to “cut copy paste.”
Reading the history of “cut copy paste” is interesting. The History says about the manuscript days, when mannaully paragraphs with scissors were ‘cut’ and ‘pasted.’
Then it goes to IBM cut and paste method in 70s.The articles also tell about the card days of computer as to how the cut, copy paste thing was done.
Personally I like copy and paste fearing if the cut is used then I will not have the original thing.
For now, let me cut the negativity.
Copy the motivations, paste them strongly in my mind.


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