Oh life

“Oh life”

Nice words! Nice Phrase!! The words bring inspiration to write diary here.

I have been using ‘Oh life’ website to write my diary from April 11 onward. (dispensed the manual writing altogether)

I use the free edition and it is quite awesome!

The e mail based diary writing is interesting. ‘Oh life’ sends me a mail every night after 20.30 hrs (one can set the timings at the site) bringing the happenings of the same day last year.

Hey, that day is long gone. When I glimpse the ‘whine’ of that day, it has no meaning today. A problem cited there is no longer a problem. It is either solved long ago or buried deep in the timeline.

Looking back at the entries (happens rarely) at the ‘Oh life’  portal, I enjoy certain happenings when they are recreated in the mind. I pick up random entries and try to get a good feel.

thanks internet
oh life

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