Jot story

Writing scribbling jotting are soul rich activities which brings mind to a focus.
Really the activity brings focus.
There is a nice diary site on the web.
One day while browsing Google chrome store I stumbled upon this site.
It is calendar driven and it is nice to jot stories here.
Past can be written. You cannot write the future.
The site is “jot story”

Answering the question Why jot?, the site explains the jotting thus:

“Everyone has a story. Our lives are humorous, depressing, exciting, boring, adventurous, and unexpected — sometimes all in the same day. Our experiences shape who we are, but it’s not the events in our lives that make a difference, it’s how we respond to them. Jotstory captures both the events and our musings in a meaningful way, providing a plotted journey that we can reflect on and share.”

It is nice to jot the story here.

The added features in this site are:
1) You can have pictures too in your jottings.
2)You can upload documents for a later reference. (the interface shows the jottings with attachments separately on a click from the menu)
3)Some sharable jottings could be shared on Facebook and twitter. (by default this function is disabled…only if you wish you can share)

Nice to jot stories and keep fine.



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