What is that I do here?

What exactly I want to do here?
Now I have four different blogs here at Word press.
One: something to share everyday by converting whatever thoughts I have into words.
Two:Sharing something special, by way of writing letters to my wife and wife replying to me, adding media, links, other newbies, goodies and inspirations  in the post. Want to add words and sentences in a family way.
Three: Picking images from various sites and compiling them into a blog.
Four: Re blog the blogs which influences me a lot.
A nice plan.
This post will be made into a page here at word press shortly. The ‘about’ page is now available. The second page will have the heading “What I do here”  When I do it, the links to the various blogs I maintain here will be given in the page. Please visit them, If your time permits and say something at my twitter account @cgBalu. I am easily available there.
Yes, looking forward to do that.
Here is a direct entry from my word press app in the karbonn pad I use.
I have completed yet another round of entries here using all the methods I have devised to come to WordPress. Congratulating myself on this, I intend to indicate numbers to the methods when I come through yahoo tomorrow. That will be number 1 and the last number is 14 when I come to through my tab devise.
Nice passion I have right?


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