Today let me practice describing an activity which I do. Emoji
This activity of visiting my own blog is interesting. Visiting the blog and reading the current entry is fine.(if someone has liked the present entry – I like the present entry more).The days entry leads me to connected old entries. WordPress gives three connected entry suggestions. May be connected words like yoga and legs prompts the machinery to give the suggestions. The Yoga entry led me to an entry where I wrote something about pairs of fine legs earlier at blogger.

This blog contains the entries I made at blogger, liveblog, opera blog and posterous blog. Some entries are very personal writing – diary like. Delete them?

Let me think about deleting them later.

Reading an entry I stumbled upon a site which records my moods (imood) renewed the mood after 9 years gap at the mood site, and the mood now goes to twitter too.

Now is the second phase of the visiting my own writing. Click random post.Some time ago, using ifttt I had automated the posting at wordpress. Whenever I used to send a tweet from hootsuite, the connected link used to be posted at the ‘want to share’ automatically. I land up in one such post where the heading is haphazard and the body of the post have the links two times. If it is a good link I enjoy going there once more and edit the post with no link in the heading and only one link in the body. If the link is damn good, I tweet them in the present timeline of twitter again.

May be deleting some entries would trim the blog here. I shall do. It will be a nice activity.

Ah, I do describe an activity well. Shall try to describe another life activity tomorrow.




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