Day before yesterday, I was thinking about the perception called memory and without forgetting about that I begin to compose this.
‘Today’ is, the memory of day-before yesterday, as far as this entry is concerned.
I may say ‘today’ is one among the several Sundays I have seen in my life.
I can compare this day with the events of several Sundays that have been passed.
Today is confident without much hesitations because of the good and bad experiences I remember during the past several Sundays.
A mistake I make or not doing a thing will not trigger the perception of guilt seriously.

Till I reached the age of 5 did I use this memory of past years, while doing a thing at that age?
My memory after 5 years says: “No”.
And did I seriously take the thing called “guilt”?
The mind learns to organize itself.
Today is confident because of the organized memory.
Just ponder this:
If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. ~Pearl Buck



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