As promised the day before yesterday,
I have come today to start telling some stories from Mahabharata.
It is intriguing to note that the birth of some characters in the epic are weird.
Sage Vysa who is the author (and also a character)
of the great epic takes birth from the womb of Satyavathi who is a fisher woman.
This birth took place when Satayavathi was not married to Sandhanu.
Vysa was born to Satyavathi and the wandering sage Parashara 
(who is accredited for being the author of the first Purana: Vishnu Purana)
Vysa's other names are Veda Vysa (He split one Veda to four) and Krishna Dvaipayana.
That is the birth secret of Veda Vyasa,
who narrates and participate in the events of Mahabharata.
I indent to write about the weird births of other characters in Mahabharata,
where in some of the births include Vysa's great role.
I would like to tell about:
1) Birth of Dhirithirashtra and Pandu
2) Birth of Pandavas, including Karna.
3) Birth of Kouravas.
4) Birth of Kripachariar
5) Birth of Drona
6) Birth of Draupathi.
All in subsequent posts.
8-) (6)

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