Dhritarashtra and Pandu

I like this imagination of the creator of Mahabharata. He creates the epic and he is the key character in the development of the epic.
These days I am talking about the eerie births of the people in Mahabharata and yesterday I wrote about the birth of Veda Vyasa.
This is a life that makes us think that we are planning something nice and rich for us and our progeny. But it is not so.
Just see how Vyasa moves the generations in the epic. Just look at the birth of Dhritarashtra,and Pandu.
As per Satyavathi fathers great plan of creating the heirs for Bharatha Vamsha, through her – things din’t move about. The great sacrifice of Devavrutha (Bhishma) not to marry and beget children did not yield the desired result of Satyavathi’s father.

Satyavathi’s father Dusharaj wanted the children of Satyavathi to ascend the throne.
Did it happen?
Sathyavathi’s two male children did not have that blessings. Chitrangathan dies at an early age. The second son Vichitravirian due to his health condition could not consumate Ambika and Ambalika and dies.

Dusharaj you made a grand future plan to your daughter.

Vysa moving his epic comes now to create the next generation for Satyavathi.
Satyavathi requests his son Vyasa to create heirs.
Vyasa when he is with Ambika, she, in disgust closes her eyes. So Dhritarashtra is born with no vision.
While Vyasa was with Ambalika, Ambalika is scared and all her body becomes white.
So was Pandu born with extreme defect in his skin.
Not satisfied with the issues Satyavathi orders her son Vysa to try once more.
Ambika this time deciding against to be with Vysa sends her maid to Vysa. Vithura is born about which I have posted some entries earlier.
That is the birth of Dhirudharshtra and Pandu.
Some more characters weird births in coming posts.



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