These days I am trying to write something about the characters in Mahabharatha born in a particularly extraordinary manner.
When King Shantanu, and his aides, were in the forest, they find two beautiful infants,a boy and girl, just born among the weeds. They take the children as there were no claimants
nearby. Shantanu, and after him Bhisma take care of the children and they grow up at Hasthinapura.
Sage Gouthama’s son’s son Sharathvan a great rishi bringing all his five senses is performing a great Penance. A very rigid penance. The outcome of the penance would make him a Lord,greater than Lord Indira. All the Gods were panic stricken and Indira sends an Apsara, Janapadi to seduce Sharathvan.
Great Archer and Rishi Sharathvan loses control for a moment at the sight of the seductress Janapadi, but he regains his control again. But some semen oozes out and falls on the weed.
The weed splits into two.
The two children descendants of great Rishi Goutama are Kripa and Kripi are born in this extraordinary manner. They were found by Shantanu.
Kripa becomes Kripacharya and becomes the the in-charge of Gurukula at Hasthinapura teaching the Princes the art of Archery and other things.
Kripi marries Dronacharya.
The birth of Dronacharya…. next.



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