Drona is considered to be the incarnation of Brahaspathi.

Drona in Sanskrit means basket or Vessel

in vitro fertilization (Abbreviated as: IVF)(medicine) The fertilization of an egg by sperm outside of a woman’s body; normally used as a treatment for infertility.

The term in vitro, from the Latin meaning in glass, is used, because early biological experiments involving cultivation of tissues outside the living organism from which they came, were carried out in glass containers such as beakers, test tubes, or petri dishes.

Browsed wikipedia before telling you the story of Dronacharya (another unusual birth of a character in Mahabharatha) and jotted the above points. Just ponder the above facts when you read this birth story of Dronacharya.

Sage Bharathwaja was at the river doing his ablusions. An Apsara Ghritachi also was bathing in the same river. Bharathvaja is attracted to the damsel and the reproductive fluid come out. He captures the fluid in a Drona (vessel or basket and of course not a test tube). There springs out Drona from Drona and not from the womb of a woman.

In ‘in vitro fertilisation,’ the sperm and egg are made into a zygote in the vessel but later placed inside the womb of a mother. Ghritachi did not have the trouble of carrying him in her womb, Drona sprang up from Drona.

If Karna is a role model for friendship, Dhrupada is a model to show how friendship should not be. Though Drupada and Drona were friends in their childhood days, when riches came to Dhrupada he forgot the friendship of Drona.
Drona of course teaches a good lesson to Dhrupada winning him with the help of his disciple Arjuna but pardons his friend for his wrong doings and gives a helping hand to him.
Dhrupada saw Drona as his enemy. To win over Drona and to take vengenance against him, he works hard through penance and gets a daughter and son.
The birth of the daughter is yet another ‘unusual’ birth of a character in Mahabharatha about which we will see in the next post.






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