Sun TV

Happy birthday Dear Sun TV.
Sun TV is celebrating its 21st Birthday.
We have lived with Sun TV at least 14 years.

Our favorite programs overs the years: (a random list)
1)Pepsi Uma (me)
2)Pattuku Paatu (me, wife)
3)The late night movies (a theme a week)(me, mother)
4)Nimadhi Nimmathi ungal choice (Manorama starrer AVM production) (me, son, daughter mother wife)
5) News (mother, me)
6) Intha NaaL iniya NaaL (Thenkachhi Swamainathan, Valamburi John , Suki Sivam) (Me wife)
7)The comedy show (Imaam Annachi, Balaji Vadivelu) (Son, daughter, me, wife mother)
8)Metti oli (Thirumurugan) (Entire Family)
9) Kolangal (Thiruchelvam)
10)Balu Mahendra’s short story serials (wife, me mother)
11)Hussaini’s Kitchen show (me, son, mother)
12) Galaxy productions Kitchen show (me, wife, mother)
13)Jacob’s Kitchen show (mother)
14) Patti Mandram (Solomon Papaiah, Raja, Bharathi Bhaskar) (wife, me)
15)Top ten movies (Son)
16) Top ten songs (me, wife)
17) Kondatam (me)
18)Nadhaswaram (Thirumurugan) (me, wife,son, daughter)
19)Thenilavu (Thirumurugan) (me, wife, mother)
20)Dhaiva Darisanam (wife, mother)
21)Vani Rani (Radhika) (wife, mother)

Our interactions with Sun TV
1)A programme reading the letters received from the viewers was there. Some letters written by us were read in the programme. Still remember Shanmugam.
2) The entire family spoke in a telephone interaction program. The anchors were Archana and Chitibabu.
3) We got a book written my AVM for our participation in a contest organised by Nimathi Nimathi Ungal choice
Happy Birth day Sun TV



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